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By: Date: noviembre 5, 2018 Categories: Hackers, Tools y Retos

Hace un tiempo que el sitio esta dado de baja, este sitio contenía una de las bases de datos de filtrado de web mas grande y de forma libre.

He recuperado la base de datos y la pongo a disposición para su descarga blacklists.tgz

Categorías en el archivo:

abortion – Abortion information excluding when related to religion
ads – Advert servers and banned URLs
adult – Sites containing adult material such as swearing but not porn
aggressive – Similar to violence but more promoting than depicting
antispyware – Sites that remove spyware
artnudes – Art sites containing artistic nudity
astrology – Astrology websites
audio-video – Sites with audio or video downloads
banking – Banking websites
beerliquorinfo – Sites with information only on beer or liquors
beerliquorsale – Sites with beer or liquors for sale
blog – Journal/Diary websites
cellphones – stuff for mobile/cell phones
chat – Sites with chat rooms etc
childcare – Sites to do with childcare
cleaning – Sites to do with cleaning
clothing – Sites about and selling clothing
contraception – Information about contraception
culnary – Sites about cooking et al
dating – Sites about dating
desktopsillies – Sites containing screen savers, backgrounds, cursers, pointers. desktop themes and similar timewasting and potentially dangerous content
dialers – Sites with dialers such as those for pornography or trojans
drugs – Drug related sites
ecommerce – Sites that provide online shopping
entertainment – Sites that promote movies, books, magazine, humor
filehosting – Sites to do with filehosting
frencheducation – Sites to do with french education
gambling – Gambling sites including stocks and shares
games – Game related sites
gardening – Gardening sites
government – Military and schools etc
guns – Sites with guns
hacking – Hacking/cracking information
homerepair – Sites about home repair
hygiene – Sites about hygiene and other personal grooming related stuff
instantmessaging – Sites that contain messenger client download and web-based messaging sites
jewelry – Sites about and selling jewelry
jobsearch – Sites for finding jobs
kidstimewasting – Sites kids often waste time on
mail – Webmail and email sites
marketingware – Sites about marketing products
medical – Medical websites
mixed_adult – Mixed adult content sites
mobile-phone – Sites to do with mobile phones
naturism – Sites that contain nude pictures and/or promote a nude lifestyle
news – News sites
onlineauctions – Online auctions
onlinegames – Online gaming sites
onlinepayment – Online payment sites
personalfinance – Personal finance sites
pets – Pet sites
phishing – Sites attempting to trick people into giving out private information.
porn – Pornography
proxy – Sites with proxies to bypass filters
radio – non-news related radio and television
religion – Sites promoting religion
ringtones – Sites containing ring tones, games, pictures and other
searchengines – Search engines such as google
sect – Sites about eligious groups
sexuality – Sites dedicated to sexuality, possibly including adult material but excluding educational material
sexualityeducation – Sites relating to educational information about sexuality.
shopping – Shopping sites
socialnetworking – Social networking websites
sportnews – Sport news sites
sports – All sport sites
spyware – Sites who run or have spyware software to download
updatesites – Sites where software updates are downloaded from including virus sigs
vacation – Sites about going on holiday
violence – Sites containing violence
virusinfected – Sites who host virus infected files
warez – Sites with illegal pirate software
weather – Weather news sites and weather related
weapons – Sites detailing or selling weapons
webmail – Just webmail sites

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